Brook Tool Training - Harmful Sexual Behaviours

Date & Time:


Hertford, County Hall, County Hall, Pegs Lane, Hertford


This training is free of charge to all agencies.


Target Audience:

This half-day training is aimed at Professionals/Practitioners/Staff who work with children/young people and their parents/carers from all Agencies in Hertfordshire to support use of the Brook Tool and achievement of the outlined objectives.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Professionals/Practitioners/Staff will know how to assess and respond appropriately to sexual behaviour in children and young people
  • Professionals/Practitioners/Staff will be knowledgeable about healthy sexual development and distinguish it from harmful behaviour
  • Professionals/Practitioners/Staff will be knowledgeable about how one's values can impact upon judgements and how the tool can be used to minimise this inconsistency
  • Professionals/Practitioners/Staff will understand how to build trust with young people to talk about sex
  • How the tool can be embedded in a host organization’s existing procedures and protocols and used on a practical level within teams and across organizations
  • How to embed the use of the tool not just in their own practice but disseminate it to parents and a variety of stakeholders, ensuring sustainability of the initial training

Underpinning all of this will be a reinforcement of current best practice with regards to sex and the law, confidentiality and safeguarding.

A further one-day training is offered to Professionals/Practitioners/Staff who are willing to cascade this training within their Organisation/Agency. There is an expectation that if you apply to complete the Train the Trainer day, that you obtain approval from your direct line manager and contract with the HSCB to train staff within your organisation within the next 6 to 12 months.  Please apply for the Train the Trainer day only if you are able to commit to cascading training.

If you require information on aims/objectives, or relevance of the training to your role, please contact Mary Emson - Designated Nurse Safeguarding Children - via email



Booking has now closed for this event.

Further Information:


Mary Emson - Designated Nurse Safeguarding Children -


Massimo Rinaldi

Venue Details:

Hertford, County Hall, County Hall, Pegs Lane, Hertford